Do You Know How Your Kids Really Interact With Each Other?

There is a saying that charity starts at home. This is true of kindness, literacy, manners, and a whole variety of important virtues. The same can be said regarding practices for online decorum and social interaction. How are your kids interacting with their siblings? Just as children face the dangers of being bullied at school, kids are also at risk of either bullying their siblings or being bullied by their siblings. Once an act of bullying takes place inside the home, then it is important to remedy the situation for everyone involved. Also, if a child is bullying their siblings or being bullied by a sibling, then there is always a chance that that the negative interactions could also occur online, as well as off-line.

In the crazy tech-monitoring world, parents, you might be concerned that you should monitor their text message conversations. Yet, is this a violation of trust? We counsel our parents that you are the parent and not the friend, you are there to offer guidance and protection. The My Social Sitter software allows for trust to be built with a set, customize and protect when there is a problem, so there is not a need to constantly check their phone – you know if anything that isn’t normal or on the “up’n’up” going on without looking at their phone.

It is widely believed that siblings have their own unique communication styles that differ from the ways in which they communicate with teachers, parents, and peers. Regardless, there is still no excuse for any harmful words to be spoken among children.

Some believe it is perfectly fine for siblings to bully each other. However, think of it in a new concept. If your child spoke to a classmate in the same way they speak to their siblings, would you tolerate it? Would you be fine if another child spoke to your kids the way they speak to each other? Biological relation is no excuse for mistreatment among children. It is true that kids will say things as they grow. Again, it is always important to intervene when necessary and cautiously advise kids to speak to each other in kinder terms.

Constructive criticism, when it provides an objective critique that can be fixed, is a way for children to help each other improve. However, baseless insults that are not fixated in any facts are rude, and no child should have to worry about what their siblings might say to them. All in all, bullying is a problem that can be prevented, discussed and identified. At the end of the day, learning to fix behaviors starts at home.

Do You Know How Your Kids Really Interact With Each Other?