Bullying- By Christina Rizzo

In the past few years bullying in the Elementary schools has gone up by a drastic amount. Nine out of 10 elementary students have been bullied by their peers, according to a simple questionnaire developed by researchers at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital and the Stanford University School of Medicine. It is sad to hear that at such a young age children have no problem hurting one another, it might not always be physically but it can also be mentally. There are still scars, yes we cannot see them but they are there.

Since this is occurring at such a young age it can affect the child in the future, it can make them less sociable, scared to go to school, not wanting to leave their mothers sides and also can make them depressed. Bullying is starting at a younger age because of social media and technology. More parents are allowing their younger children to have cellphones, ipads, twitter, Facebook, etc. when these things are meant for young adults. To have a Facebook when I was growing up you needed to be 18+, now I see children on there who are 10 years old. It is crazy how young these children are and already know what all this social media is.

Because children are on adult websites already at such a young age means that parents need to keep an eye out. Most parents do not have their children’s passwords to their accounts. This can be very unsafe, why you ask? Because many children get bullied on social media, it could be through instant messaging, written on a picture or even through facetime. I have been babysitting since I was 13 years old, I am 20 now. For the past five years I’ve babysat the same family, I’ve watched these children go form babies to pre teens. I’ve heard all the drama, I’ve seen the bullying and I’ve helped. Their mother had no idea that none of this was going on in their lives. Their mother had no idea that her children had Instagram or Facebook. That’s what worried me, the fact that their own mother had no idea that her kids were using the Internet, even better getting bullied on the Internet. The social sitter is the APP this mother needs to invest in for her children because then she can see what her children are sending out to others and what others are posting on her children’s social media.

If more Mothers across America know about The Social Sitter we can stop so much Elementary school bullying that is occurring. We can save lives and also at the same time make children’s futures brighter. Help us show Mothers across America what they can be doing to help their children, peers and also themselves.

Bullying- By Christina Rizzo