Athlete Maturity And Social Media

Technology and communication have been rapidly advancing at a state that can be quite overwhelming. Adults can get over whelmed with the connectivity of the Internet if they didn’t grow up with the tools to access it. I’m in my twenties myself and even I have trouble keeping up with what’s popular and what do people use to share ideas and socialize over the Internet.

But, what is alarming is even though young adults have essentially adapted this technology as our own, we don’t necessarily mature with it as we grow with age. For a shining example of this immaturity, we don’t have to look far. We just have to look at our favorite athletes on social media. The majority of athletes who play in the professional level are young and may of course have a lot growing up to do, but it is alarming how some of the players seem like they have no filter with their online presence.

An example of this type of debauchery actually didn’t happen to long ago in the case of D’Angelo Russell and Nick Young. For a short synopsis of what happened, essentially Russell caught Young talking about cheating on his celebrity girlfriend, Iggy Azalea. For some reason, Russell decided to film Young and sent the video to Twitter. They were friends on the same team at the time, so why he would do this is puzzling in more way than one, but either way this is a clear case of the immaturity we so too often see when athletes use social media.

The obvious thing that comes to mind is that Russell is still relatively young, so do we blame his immaturity on his age? Teens who grew up with social media may be desensitized to outlandish behavior because of the easy exposure of viral videos on the Internet, so when a particular subset of people who aren’t familiar with these cultural age differences, they may be shocked and alarmed in a negative light.

But there also comes the question of whether society as a whole is immature in general when it comes to social media. Older athletes, like Curt Schilling, have said outlandish things that have made people of all ages and demographics uncomfortable with the things he posts on social media. Some athletes also develop a persona that makes them feel nigh invincible and think their opinion is “the opinion.”

Either way, we as a whole need to understand that just because we are behind a screen, our words matter regardless if there said in person or on social media.

Athlete Maturity And Social Media