Dangerous Organizations Exploiting Social Media

Social life for children in this and future upcoming generations has become more problematic than it used to. Due to the interconnectivity of the Internet bringing individuals closer together on modern platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, relationships have become rapid fire and instant. While this is beneficial to society in spreading news and social awareness, there are some pitfalls that have emerged for children who have access to the Internet. Children are curious by nature and the way social media markets certain groups is by targeting and exploiting certain interests that will some people want to click on ad bait webpages. What if a child stumbles onto a web page that specially advocates their harmful message to young people? Will they know what to do?

Terrorist organization cells like ISIS have took notice to current trends in our society and have made a great interest in getting the web presence across through platforms like Twitter and Facebook. ISIS uses sleek and eye-catching designs specifically to have the modern youth identify and associate with their group. This is done through a well disguised marketing campaign employed by ISIS that includes videos highly stylized with recruitment techniques that make the viewer believe that by joining ISIS a sense of community with a sense of purpose can be achieved if you join them. According to an article by The Atlantic, there is even an app for the savvy tech user that can be downloaded and is promoted by top ISIS supporters.

Due to the easily accessible way harmful organizations are targeting the youth, how can the modern parent prevent their child from getting involved with this groups?

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Dangerous Organizations Exploiting Social Media

One Step Forward, Two Quick Steps Back

Online connectivity comes with many pros. Communication through long distances are practically instantaneous, allowing friends and family to stay in touch with each other through social media. But with every new advancement in technology we make, a part of our modern culture gets adversely effected in ways that we can’t predict until it happens.

Teens growing up now have the advantage of talking to theirs friends anytime they want through video calls, texts, and sites like Facebook, but that prompt connection could be used in ways that are harmful to the growing teenager. Gossip, whether true or false, can be posted online at a moments notice. Instead of just a few people learning of a particular rumor, anyone with Internet access who doesn’t personally know the involved parties can see the rumor and spread it for others too see. If it is a particular rumor that catches people’s attention, it can go viral and be seen by millions. Of course this is a worst case scenario, so I’ll go into describe a more common instance of misuse of social media.

Hypothetically let’s say a female teenager misses a week of school because she received a vicious case of a viral infection. A rival takes advantage of her absence and spreads a rumor that she is pregnant on social media. People comment and speculate, but the rumor has been spread and the damage has already been dealt. All of her friends ask her if it’s true and she has to constantly refute their questions.

The speed at which rumors are spread doubly apply to how fast someone can get emotionally scarred online. We need to educate teens on basic online ethics to make the social media environment safer to socialize in.

One Step Forward, Two Quick Steps Back