My thoughts about Cyber-Bullying by Lexie Zorbas

Social media has become such a central part of everyday life. It is used by business professionals, celebrities, athletes, news reporters, students, parents, teachers, and anyone who has access to these channels. It is what enables us to catch up with an old friend or read about a breaking news story halfway around the world. Sounds great, right? Well, not entirely.

While it’s true that the development of these networks has led to technological advances and innovation, it has also sparked an entirely new phenomenon that generations before us had never seen. And no, I’m not referring to Apple’s new iWatch. It is something so ugly and so abhorrent that it has claimed the lives of countless victims around the world.

Cyberbullying has become the newest fad, and sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram give bullies a way to prey on innocent victims at their leisure. Won’t they get in trouble, you might ask. This also makes it easier for bullies to carry out their ruthless tactics, and for others to join in.

Another factor that poses a problem is the victim’s willingness to report the bullying. In a 2014 survey, more than half of the participants said they never confided in their parents when cyber-bullying happens to them ( ).

Young people especially, are embarrassed by the things that are said about them, and don’t feel comfortable talking to adults about this issue. This is why as parents, it’s important to look out for warning signs of bullying in your kids. In a world where technology is a fundamental aspect of life, it’s easy to forget the negative consequences that can come from it. The fact that cyber-bullying has become so prominent over the last decade is problematic. It has been linked to low self-esteem, depression, and other psychological issues.

While awareness for cyber-bullying has increased, the matter is still far too prevalent. It’s not something that can be eliminated overnight, but with the help of companies like My Social Sitter, we can work together to take down the bullies, identify and educate communication that is discovered to be harmful.

My thoughts about Cyber-Bullying by Lexie Zorbas

Three questions with a Federal Law enforcement official

We sat down with a Federal Law Enforcement Official and got his perspective about
*His identity must not be revealed due to the nature of his special agent status

Q1. After learning about our subscription software, what do you think about this tool?

I believe it is a great tool that parents, schools and individuals can use to monitor their behavior online, and even more so as an anti-bullying tool. What I think is very valuable is the real-time prevention. Kids are learning programs from our outreach program to not just be a by-standard if bullying occurs. Those situations happen in person, but this tool helps with cyber-bullying that goes undetected until times become too late. Nowadays, kids cannot go through education without being or knowing about bullying.

Q2. How do you see parent’s involved in this type of software?

Kids use social media as an expression of bullying and with this tool, it allows parents to see what is happening because a lot of times, parents don’t know the signs of bullying or how to check on a daily-basis what is happening in social media. It is an education tool to encourage positive communication and that is what I like most about it.

This tool will help parents be better parents. There are so many mental health issues that go undetected, but using this program would help instantly. We’ve seen kids internalize a lot and reaching their lowest point without any assistance. There is a culture to not tell people what’s going on. Everyone wants to show they are strong, but any resource that can help parents, administrators identify both sides can help.

Q3. After knowing the school and cyber-bullying environment, what do you think can help this national issue?

Even though my identity cannot be revealed in this interview, due to the nature of my under-cover and special agent position, I urge parents to get the MySocialSitter software to get peace of mind. As as a law enforcement official, I would strongly encourage parents to get this software and be pro-active in their child’s safety.

Three questions with a Federal Law enforcement official